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الخميس، 26 سبتمبر 2019

The issuance of the Social Insurance Law within days .. and the application of the minimum pension in July

The issuance of the Social Insurance Law within days .. and the application of the minimum pension in July

Sami Abdel-Hadi, head of the insurance fund for public and private sector workers, at the National Insurance Authority at the Ministry of Social Solidarity, stressed that the irregular labor in the social insurance laws, represented by street vendors and owners of agricultural land less than an acre, pay a symbolic contribution equivalent to 

.7% of the minimum insurance wage

Sami Abdel Hady, in special statements on the sidelines of the signing of a protocol with Misr El-Kheir Foundation to pay the insurance debts to irregular workers and owners of individual micro enterprises, that people who are not participating in the insurance, who reached the age of pension 65 years to pay the previous contributions and the pension is paid to him. He died before participating in insurance authorized by law, heirs sought insurance through subscription, pointing out that among the irregular employment "contract workers", amounting to more than 3 million people, adding that workers do not appreciate the risk of work and awareness of the importance of 

Sami Abdel-Hady explained that work is on the social insurance law, which will be issued soon after being presented to the Council of Ministers within days, stressing that it will be announced immediately after its completion in the official gazette, in addition to the organization of a media campaign and an automated system that allows the worker to register his data on the basis of contributions, He pointed out that the number of insured in the social insurance system of contracting workers 265 thousand, and that everyone involved applies the announced increase, in addition to the application of the minimum pension increase from 750 to 900 pounds scheduled for July and that the cost of annual increases is estimated at 28 billion and 100 million Gin Egyptians, with a total of 9,900,000 

On the other hand, the head of the Social Insurance Fund for public and private business sector workers stressed that the protocol signed with Misr El-Kheir Foundation aims to break the distress of the defaulters to pay the insurance especially to the informal workers or the owners of individual micro-enterprises. Insured persons who are unable to pay the amounts due to them to the Fund, which prevents the payment of their pensions in accordance with the provisions of the law, within the framework of concern for the issue of workers Unregulated or owners of individual micro and small enterprises who are indebted to the Fund as a result of default in payment of insurance fees due to them, which resulted in the failure to get their pensions due to non-payment of insurance funds to be the priority families most in 

For his part, Mohsen Mahjoub, treasurer of the Foundation "goodness", that the Foundation will examine the cases of defaulters, socially and legally who have failed to pay the insurance with the Fund and end all the procedures for the examination of these cases and repay their debts as well as ending the cases brought to them in accordance with the standards applied by In this regard, he pointed out that the repayment of the debts of many categories of insured Garmin and owners of individual establishments and small and micro enterprises who defaulted on the repayment Insured due to the Social Insurance Fund for workers in the public and private business sector and from the families most in need and therefore were unable to pay the pensions due to them after reaching the legal age, where the institution will pay the debts owed them so that 
.they can pay pensions owed to them

Mahjoub pointed out that among the target groups also through the protocol widows whose spouses died insured at individual establishments or projects and were unable to pay pensions due to them because they were unable to pay their fees to the Insurance Commission, where the institution will pay the debts due to enable the family In the payment of pensions and within the framework of providing a decent life for these families by providing them with a fixed income to help them on the burdens of life and help them to spend on 
.their children

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