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الاثنين، 9 سبتمبر 2019

She wins $ 10,000 for reading the travel insurance contract to the end

She wins $ 10,000 for reading the travel insurance contract to the end

An American woman won $ 10,000 after reading through the general terms of her travel insurance contract

 A $ 2 ticket wins a $ 1.5 billion lottery prize

 According to the website "SquareMouth", which compares insurance contracts based in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the initiator of this award, he wanted to emphasize the importance of reading the insurance contract from beginning to end, and called the competition "It's worth reading"

 Donilan Andrews from Georgia, in the southeastern United States, purchased an online travel insurance contract from Tin League, a SquareMouth subsidiary, in anticipation of a trip to London with a group of friends.


 Upon receiving the contract, the 59-year-old school read the seven-page document until the last word

 I was surprised on the last page by a sentence that reads: "If you read this much, you are one of the few customers of Tin League who are examining the insurance contract."

 Andrews announced on February 12 that she had won the competition just 23 hours after its launch

 "We have noticed in the last 16 years that many tourists buy travel insurance contracts and proceed from the principle that they are covered in case anything happens without actually reading the details of the contract," said SquareMouth.


 "I always read what is in lowercase letters," Andrews told The Washington Post. "It may seem strange, but I learned to read contracts so that I would not be deceived."

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