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 is a way that most people rely on to mitigate risks beyond their control and mitigate the effects they may be exposed to. These risks may be life-threatening, property, or trade, and many more, as the insured pays a monthly contribution to the insured (in Most insurers are paid, and all insurers' money is paid to anyone who has an accident beyond their control to compensate for their losses, which is what insurance companies are doing today

Types of insurance 

Insurance in terms of form: This typically means the parties, parties or bodies that are responsible for the insurance. Cooperative insurance: This type is the insured party and the insured party is one party, as this process is carried out by a number of persons linked to a particular interest, and potentially exposed to a certain risk, and work to mitigate the effects of damage to a particular participant, from the contributions and premiums that Paid by a particular party. Fixed subscription insurance: The insurer pays an amount of money to the insured in the event of a certain accident, against the value of the contributions paid by the insurer to the insurance companies

Topic insurance:

 Marine, river, air and land insurance: This insurance will mitigate risks to shipping (combustion, damage to cargo, sinking, hijacking, etc.), or air transport (crash, etc.) , Or river transport (in canals and rivers), or transport Private insurance and social insurance Private insurance is carried out by an individual to ensure his / her property, life, or otherwise, in insurance companies. The aim is mostly personal and optional. Social insurance is the insurance provided by the state to cover risks to the working class in society. It is compulsory. Damage insurance: This insurance is done by a person to cover the risks to his property, and does not include life insurance which is of two types. Insurance on things: Insurance on the insured's funds. Liability insurance: This insurance covers the costs of an error committed by the insured, for example, that the insured to sabotage the property of another person in this case liability insurance covers the costs of sabotage and prevents the other party from being held responsible and recourse. Personal insurance: This insurance covers the cost of any risk to the insured person, which is of several types

Life insurance

 which has several types: For the case of death: The insurance company to pay the amount of insurance upon the death of the insured. For the case of survival: the insurance company pays the amount of insurance at a certain time and fixed for the insured himself. In the case of marriage: The insurance company pays the insurance amount to the insured if he marries before a certain date. For the case of birth: The insurance company pays the insurance amount to the insured if he has a baby

Mixed insurance
 The insurance company pays the amount of insurance after the death of the insured for a certain period, or the insured on a certain date

Supplementary insurance
occurs when the insured is unable to continue to pay premiums for a specific reason

 Group insurance
 A person who is responsible for a group of people pays the premiums, which covers the risks that any member of this group may face, such as a factory owner and the workers who work in it

 Insurance against sickness
 If the insured is exposed to any disease, this insurance covers the cost of treatment

 Accident insurance
 If the 
insured is exposed to an accident, this insurance pays an amount to the insured, which covers physical accidents, death,    
 disability, etc

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