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Car insurance in America

Car insurance in America

I got the driver's license Congratulations; now you want to buy a car right.  This is good because you will not be able to work or live in America as it should without a private car in places where workplaces and shopping are far from the place of residence

 After you have obtained your driver's license and purchased a car, you will need a car accident insurance card. This is a very simple process that can be done in a very short time.  Between you and the insurance company

Words and sentences to be heard or read when the insurance contract is signed

 Bodily injury liability

It literally means liability for bodily injury; it will give you financial and legal coverage if you injure or kill someone when you drive your car;  This applies to the types of coverage below with a slight difference in the minimum price and maximum price

Medical payments, no-fault or personal injury

 To cover the expenses of medicines of the wounded passengers and the driver in your car, as well as if you were injured in a car when you are on foot

 Uninsured motorists coverage

 It means car insurance in the case of a collision with another car whose owner does not have insurance;

 Comprehensive physical damage

 Cover the charges of repairing your car in case of damage caused by non-collisions; such as theft; fire; floods;

Car insurance in America

Collision coverage

 Financial and legal coverage in the event of a collision whether with something or with another car, whether it is your fault or the fault of the other driver.  However, you should take into account that this type is determined by the financial value of the car in the market;

Car insurance in America

Property damage liability

 When you hit someone else's property or another car and it is your fault, this type of coverage will protect you legally and pay 

 In addition to the types of coverage above, there are other services that insurance companies can offer you to be added to the list above;

 Emergency Road Service: Helps you if your vehicle falls into mechanical damage on the road

 Rental Reimbursement: If your car is broken or in Marib car repair after a traffic accident, this service if you subscribe to it will give you a rental car for free until your car is repaired

 Mechanical Breakdown Insurance: Coverage of mechanical breakdowns

 Now after reading this topic do you know the meaning of universal coverage and partial coverage.  The latter means when you buy only one or some types of coverage in order to reduce the cost of insurance for car accidents; universal coverage means what it means to buy all types of coverage

 There are some other words you may hear or read about car insurance

Car insurance in America


 For example, you bought a Collision cover for $ 25,000 for each incident; in return for $ 500 as a Deductible discount, this means that the insurance company will pay you or the other driver up to $ 25,000.  Depending on the type of losses resulting from the collision and deducted $ 500 as a contribution from you to the costs of repair

 The more you choose a big discount, the cheaper the insurance and vice versa

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