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الجمعة، 27 سبتمبر 2019

14 million Americans "deprived of health care" in Trump's new plan

14 million Americans "deprived of health care" in Trump's new plan

Under the new Republican health care plan, 14 million Americans are expected to lose health insurance cover in 2018, according to an analysis by the Senate 

.Budget Office

 The new plan was evaluated by an independent, nonpartisan group of analysts under the supervision of 

.the US Budget Office

 The office said the number of Americans outside the health insurance umbrella would rise to 

.24 million by 2026

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 The new US health insurance plan is expected to cut the federal 

.budget by $ 337 billion in 10 years

 Republicans rely on this budget cut as a basis for promoting their health care plan, which was designed as an alternative to the Affordable Health Care Act program (the so-called Obamaker). The plan is set to become legislation with a bill called the US Health Care Act after it is passed 

.by the authorities.  Legislative

 But some conservative politicians still have doubts about the cost of 

.the plan

 The report, prepared by the Senate Budget Office in conjunction with a joint committee of the US Tax Authority, revealed that five million people will enjoy health insurance coverage under Medicaid's low-income program 

.by 2018

 This number will increase to 14 million Americans by 2016, the health insurance coverage will be lifted from about 52 million Americans, and the health insurance coverage for some 28 million people who benefited from the Obamaker program, under which the Health for All Act was 
.passed in the same year


 Paul Ryan, chairman of the US House of Representatives from the Republican Party, discussed the findings of the analysis of the US Senate Budget Office, focusing on reducing the federal budget deficit and reducing the premiums paid 
.by beneficiaries

 "I acknowledge and appreciate the concerns of some people about ensuring that people have the necessary insurance coverage to 
.receive health care," he said

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 Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services, said: "We disagree strongly with the findings of the budget office's analysis of the number of people who lose 
.health insurance coverage

 He added: "The current law provides health insurance coverage for many, but if it 
.provides them with health care

 In contrast, California Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, described the figures as reported by the budget office's analysis as 

 "Just now we know why the president of the council, Ryan, wants to pass the bill quickly. He says it will get 24 million out of health care coverage over the next
.10 years. It's a horrible figure

 Don Bayer, a Virginia Democrat, 
.called the figures "disastrous


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